Medication Chart Template


Need an easy way to condense all the slides of medications professors give you? Here is an easy-to-use, fully customizable medication chart template to get you started!

This is a Word document. After downloading, save file as a template to be able to use it as a template in the future!

The template includes columns for:

  • Medication Name
  • Indication/ Place in Therapy
  • Mechanism of Action (MOA) for individual drugs or a whole class of medications
  • Dosing
  • Drug Specific Notes (what I’m primarily tested on in my experience)
  • Adverse Effects/ Drug Interactions/ Contraindications/ Notes for the medication class

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You agree that this resource and other materials produced by Learn with Libby are supplementary resources and should not be used to replace course material or resources from your instructional institution. Make sure to follow the most up to date protocols. This resource is for educational use only and not medical advice.




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