I’m Libby!

I am a third-year professional pharmacy student at Purdue University in Indiana. I realized during my first year that I wasn’t really learning. I was just studying to pass exams. So I started learn.with.libby on Instagram to help me stay committed to learning!

Goals of Learn with Libby

Study resources to help you stress less and build a strong foundation for your future career!

Studying is the foundation of learning and a necessary part of being a successful healthcare provider.

Keys to Learning

Condense Material

Putting the material in a digestible format AKA study guides, cheat sheets, mind maps, medication charts, etc.

Test Knowledge

See what you know using flashcards, recalling information on blank sheets of paper, etc.

Study Early. Study Often.

The more you see something, the more it sticks. Study in small chunks rather than cramming. Study in a variety of ways… YouTube videos, reading the textbook, drawing it out, teaching it to a friend, patient cases or actual patient situations. Use it or lose it!

Featured Resources

Autonomic Nervous System Guide + Quizlet


Osteoarthritis Guide